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Board meeting notes Oct 22

The board met on 27th October. Attending were Alex Newberry, Jon Westbrook, Julia Barrass, Chris Dicker and Craig Kirkcaldy.

For the first part of the session. We reviewed the year to date. Paid membership sits at 41 publishing businesses. The requirement for an Independent publisher to join is..

  • That the company is not Private Equity or Venture Capitalist owned

  • That the company has a market cap no more than £50M

  • That the company is not owned by one of the large newspaper or publishing groups

This qualification will remain in place.

We held 3 content events and will hold 1 Networking event on 23rd November. The events have been well attended and it may be that we have outgrown the current space at the Crown and 2 Chairmen. New venues are being researched.

Plans for 2023

The aim is that we have 75 member businesses by the end of 2023. Strength in numbers, the key for much of what we hope to achieve. These member benefits will include

  • 4 content and networking events

  • 2 x in person roundtables

  • Inclusion to newsletter mailing list

  • Inclusion to the group slack channels

  • Representation and support to the platforms, industry bodies and legislators where possible

  • Access to verified vendor lists

  • Affiliate membership offering large employer style benefits

In December we will be sending out member renewals for 2023. We hope to see you all throughout what we can all hope will be a great year.

All the best

The Board

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