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The Alliance Town Hall - Jan 2023

The end of 2022 turned out to be a productive period for the Independent Publishers Alliance. This allowed us to jump out of the blocks for 2023. Board members Julia, Chris and Craig ensuring that we didn't see our traditional relaxed beginning of the year.

Armed with our growing list of member benefits we held a 'Town Hall' for our members. Co-founder Alex Newberry was able to take our publishers through the commitments and aims of The Alliance for 2023.

So without further ado...


We will continue to hold 4 face to face events through 2023. Sadly for some, gladly for others we announced that we will be leaving our home over the last 2 years, saying goodbye toThe Crown and Two Chairmen. Attendances have grown as has the level of chatter and its generally agreed that a larger and more suitable venue be employed. Therefore, we will be holding our events at The Union Club on Greek Street, London W1. Polished, but not too much so.

The first event on Thursday 30th March starting at 2.00pm will be addressing 1st party data. The survey sent out at the end of the year saw a strong majority of members requesting this area is focussed upon. From what is 1st party data, collection, processing, privacy and tips and tricks, we will be inviting expert speakers to leave you with help and ideas relevant to the Independent publisher.

We'll be opening up sign ups for this events shortly and members please keep eyes open for the newsletter and slack groups for more information.


We're going to trial out some in-person roundtables in 2023. With two scheduled this year. Members will be invited to learn more from Tiktok (get us) on their platform and how, we as publishers, can benefit from this. Secondly a licensing masterclass from experts in the field. More details to come.

Representation We have made gains in 2022 and begun to start dialogue with both the platforms and legislators. The aim to lobby and push for Independent Publishers interests. The board have started dialogue with both Google and Tiktok and are also establishing a partnership with charity the Public Interest News Foundation a lobby on behalf of Independent Publishers


We will be in contact in the coming weeks/months to sign publishers up to the Indyads PMP. In total our members deliver nearly 7bn ad impressions every month! These are brand safe, highly engaged audiences and web presence who deserve a seat at the media buyers table. The Indyads PMP will enable agencies a buying point and in turn increased ad revenue.

We're delighted to welcome Ellie Edwards-Scott and Lisa Menaldo from the Advisory Collective. Super connected and experienced. They're super excited to take the Indyads offering to market.

Discounting Craig and Chris have secured members some fantastic group discounts on a whole range of products and services that we hope benefit our members across their businesses. If you are interested in what is available from Dell, LG, Vitality Insurance, Perkbox and Commercial Law get in touch and we can point you in the right direction with the relevant discount codes.


The whole board are available to help and offer advice to members. Check us out on 'The Board' page on this site, if we don't know, we will know someone who does.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2023.

Up the Alliance!

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